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Have you experience this situation where even you and your friend are together but the only things that they care is their phones/ tablets?

we can found this situation in many people nowadays, not only children but also adult. We would like to see the online consumption of this people and why they spend hours with their phone, tablets, pc and even game consoles.

In order to analyze this situation we have made a questionnaire regarding online consumption. From the questionnaire that our group pass to the people around us there is a lot of response that we get regarding the online consumption. First, we would like to thanks our respondents for giving up their time in fill in the answer. We really appreciate it.

Before we are going to analyse the questionnaire that has been answered by the respondents, we will like to explained to our readers about New Media, the emerging of the New Media and consumption.

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New media is seen as the new consumption especially for the people in young ages. In the late 1980’s there are changes in media and communication where we call as New Media. Changes that happen is said to be caused by the process of globalization and shift from the modernity to post-modernity (Lister, Dovey, Giddings, Grant & Kelly, 2009). The change has caused great influences to the people nowadays where New Media is the main medium not only to communicate but also for entertainment, gaming, shopping and education. Different in the 1980’s computer are sold as the information technologies but has been use in different ways by the children (Lister et al., 2009). New Media has really taken big changes in life of the people nowadays.

"According to the Media Consumption Forecast report, people will spend an average of 492 minutes a day consuming media in 2015, up 1.4 percent from 485 minutes a day in 2014; an increase that will be driven by rapid growth in internet use, which will increase by nearly 12 percent" 

(Money Control, 2015)
From the statements made by the Media Consumption Forecast we know that most of the people nowadays rely on the internet and consuming more media. Every year the number will keep increasing until the limit. The consumption of this media  not only changes how the world works but also changes the perspectives on how human see the world.  

Our questionnaire were divided in 3 section where the first section are all about respondents demographic, second section is about New Media ownership and third section is about consumption.
 Most of our respondents are Malays, Indians, Chinese and many more. Age range from 21 to 23 and most of the respondents are female than male. This demographic questions is important in knowing more about the respondents and we can relate the answer that they give with the demographics.

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For the second section we emphasizes in the New Media ownership. This question has been used to know more about the New Media ownership
  • Which types of devices that often you used?
  • What are the main purpose of using this devices?
  • What do you like to do the most when you are online?
  • What is the most online social networking you are likely to use?
  •  How many social networking do you have?
From the answer that we get, we have analyzed that most of the respondents using smartphones as their devices followed by laptops, tablets, and PCs. From their answer we know that most of the respondents use their smartphones because it is more convenient and easy to bring because of their sizes. Besides that, laptop also important because most of the respondents are students and it is important in making assignments and research. As for tablets and PC, not everyone have it but for PC it might not be their own PC but used in Library or CC (cyber cafe). 
For the main purposes of using this devices most of the answer were directed to online where 90% of the respondents using devices for online. Other than that it is use for entertainment, assignment, education, research and games. 
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Because most of the people use this devices for online, we have asked the respondents what are the most likely for them to do when online where most of them prefer social networking follow by web browsing, chatting, music, news, shopping, gaming and others. To know more why people prefer social networking than any types of online we will proceed to the next questions that is which type of online social networking that respondents most likely to use? From their answer we know that most of the respondents use WhatsApp and Facebook more than other online social networking. Follow behind WhatsApp and Facebook is Instagram, Wechat, Twitter and non of them use Telegram. 
WhatsApp and Facebook is the main social networking use by respondents because of the same factor. Most of the people use WhatsApp as the medium of the communication with other people while Facebook is use for the medium of sharing news and some people tend to find new news in the Facebook. 
For the last questions in this question we know that most of the respondents have more than one social networking, where most of the respondents has more than 3 social networking.
In this situation we know that the important of social networking in individual life.
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For the third section, the question is about consumption and internet consumption. The question is about
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  • How much time do you spend on the surfing internet?
  • How much time do you spend on social networking?
  • How much time do you spend on email?
We know that most people tend to spend time on internet longer than anything. From the answer that we get, most of the people tend to spend 2 to 4 hours and 4- 8 hours on the internet. There also likely to spend more than 8 hours on the internet but less likely to spend less than 1 hours in the internet.
For the social networking, the respondents most likely to spend 2-4 hours on the social networking and most of the respondents most likely to spend less than 1 hour on email. The differences of time spending on social networking and email give us the idea on the differences between email and social networking. 

 In conclusion, New Media become the new devices for people not only to communicate but also becoming one of the devices for people to find information, to interact with people in long distance, entertainment and also for entertainment. Even though, it give us a lot of opportunity in changes our lifestyle and find information but most of the respondents mention that online consumption and new media can cause people to waste their time and people might use it for the wrong intention. 

Lister, M., Dovey, J., Giddings, S., Grant, L., & Kelly, K. (2009). New media: A critical introduction (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.

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