The Missing Money from The Ministry of Youth and Sports

The current mainstream news story as it emerges in the printed and broadcast media that we choose is about the missing  money from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We also trace this news in blogosphere. The two different sources is Astro Awani and blogosphere such as Arthemia was established by Solidariti Anak Muda. The similarities between the cases were written up using online portal and website and Bahasa Melayu as their medium languages to easier the comprehension of netizens. There are a lot of differences between two online news sources. The first one is the style of writing that author uses to relay the story. From the Astro Awani, the style of writing is formal and suitable for all different age rank. But, for Arthemia, there are two language mixes. For example, the word used such as ‘Hipster’ and ‘loop-hole’ is English word but they did not translating what it mean, or have a little more explanation. Furthermore it is not suitable for children unless they know the meaning of the these word.

The second difference is the detail of the story. According to Astro Awani news, there are detail perfectly written up by author and there also display photo as evidence but in Arthemia, there are only picture of Khairy Jamaluddin and no evidence at all to support their story. For more information, Astro Awani also provides the videos to strengthen their story. They also listing out who and which agency was involved to investigate the case. For example, the Arthemia blog write the total amount of money that missing is RM 100 million and it is already happen in five years ago while Astro Awani stated that the missing amount is more than RM100 million and no mention about the case already reached five year. Detail and fact is important to let the public know what currently happen.

Almost the same things were written in the Malay Mail, whereby all the athlete and the sports official were shocked and angry over the casses of missing RM100 million of the ministry's funds since the year of 2010 without being noticed by and raising any red-flags. Terengganu Cycling Team member, Mohd Hannif Salleh responsed to this news by saying

“This should not have happened. The money could have been channelled to the athletes and the associations instead of buying luxurious handbags or jewellery,”

“The money belongs to the people, to Malaysian youths and sports. Events are being cancelled because of lack of funds but apparently, money was being pocketed by corrupt people.”
After the cases reported all over the news, people who is related with sports urge for urgent and take action against this missappropriated the funding that the government has gave to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) are expected to interview some others people as the anti-graft body is tracing the money trail after the arrestment of a ranking Ministry of Youth and Sports officer who has missusing Rm100 million over the past six years. They added that the money that were funded by the government was channelled to the contractors companies and the suspect bank account goes thru the National Sports Council. 

The last differences are the aim of the story to publish. Mostly the story from Arthemia is written based their opinion, put the blame Khairy Jamaluddin and strongly with their stand wanted a new change for future and we can conclude that their story as politic game. While Astro Awani news just writes up about the case, the crime usually happen in among government in Malayia. Good practice in online news is netizens can gather all the source of new, and from these they can make differences and comparison between news, either true or not. For example, if there are picture they could find out more either the picture is true or edited. Using data internet, they can surf anywhere and anytime. Besides that, they will know the story as fast as possible. Furthermore, they do not need to go grocery to buy newspaper. For comparison, RM1.50 they buys the newspaper, they could buy Digi's internet data only RM1 per day and find more news using their smart phone application.

The bad practice using online is the spread wrong information and misunderstanding in society. Other than that, there also the raise of hater group. Netizen or public that easily being fooled when they accept the story without making comparison and differences before assuming it is the right one. They might come up with their own story, opinion and valuation and of course there are two different stories that overlap and vanished the real truth. From that point, the haters group will raise such left wing side government if the stories all about politics.

We would recommend people to use the printed and broadcast media coverage for any news because those coverage is highly trusted to be compare with those came from blogsphere and others less trusted site. Printed newspaper and electronic media such as television and radio are highly recommend if people out there wanted to reach any news because the information that they recieved  is from the right and trusted sources. The mass usage of blogsphere and others online media is out of control whereas the government can take action if they used this kind of medium in a wrong way but there is thousands of blogsphere that can be access anywhere and anytime all over the world. The blogsphere can not be trusted easily because this medium of news and information can be access everywhere and easily got hacked. We would reccomend them to use trusted online and printed newspaper or electronic media for any news and information.

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